composer – arrangeur – lecture – musician

  • musical director and musician for GOP Varieté and Palazzo Varieté
  • transcriptions for tv shows „the voice of Germany“, „the voice Kids“, „the voice Senior“
  • Red Bull Symphonics with Rapper Loredana ()
  • lecturer for arrangement, composition, musictheory and eartraining
    (Dozent für Komposition, Arrangement, Gehörbildung und Theorie) @ Deutsche Pop
  • lecturer for musicology (Dozent für Musikwissenschaften) @ Macromedia
  • keyboarder for CRO, The Voice of Germany, James Blunt, Roman Lob
  • more than one million streams on Spotify with neo-classical project PHINLEY
  • musical director for tv show „Schroeder!“ with german comedian Florian Schroeder