july 2022 – update

Teddy Teclebrhan – One Mic Stand

On 15th of july the new show „One Mic Stand“ of german Comedian „Teddy Teclebrhan“ starts on Amazon Prime. As the copyist for the musical director Lillo Scrimali I was part of this production.

NEO – GOP Variety in Bonn

From 07th of july till 04th of september we play the show „NEO“ in the GOP Variety in Bonn. Get your tickets now!

Read some great reviews about NEO:

Bild, Generalanzeiger Bonn, Stadtjournal, Checkbar, Eifel Mosel Zeitung, Paas Haas, Verpottet

februar 2022 – update

Red Bull Symphonics – concert video and documentation

Red Bull released the concert video and a documentation with many background facts and infos about the „Red Bull Symphonics with Rapper Loredana“ at the KKL Luzern in november 2021.

The Voice Kids 2022

On 4th of march the new season of the german tv show „The Voice Kids“ starts.
I was again part of the production by writing some transcriptions for the band. Looking forward to listen to the new talents. More informations on the official website.

NEO – GOP Variety in Essen

We had a great premiere night on 13th of january in GOP Essen Variety. Thanks for this action shot by FotoBrell

Thanks to Bernd Wolsing for the following nice shots of the show.

november 2021 – update

Red Bull Symphonics

In November I was part of the Red Bull Symphonics with the swiss rapper Loredana. In the KKL Luzern Loredana presented her songs in a complete new and diffrent symphonic style together with a huge 60 piece orchestra. I was part as a copyist and assistent of the musical director Lillo Scrimali. End of the year a documentary and in february 2022 a concert movie and live album will be released.

The Voice of Germany & The Voice Kids

Beside writing transcriptions for the current season of „The Voice of Germany“ and the upcoming season of „The Voice Kids“ I was also part of the band of the comebackstage.

one million streams on spotify

With my solo piano project PHINLEY I reached the 1 million streams on spotify.
WOW, that’s just mind blowing and unbelievable. A very big THANK YOU to the 400 playlist curators who spread my music to the world, the almost 3000 followers on insta and facebook, the 260 followers on spotify and last but not least, the almost 400 thousand regularly listeners.

Suite No. I with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra

In 2020/21 I wrote my first orchestral suite, based on four movements.
In June 2021 the Budapest Scoring Orchestra recorded a teaser for this composition.